Best practices for creating a domain name policy

Join the growing ranks of organizations that are in full control of their domains. CSC’s best-practice guide for creating a successful domain name policy can help you secure, promote and protect your digital brands. With a written domain name policy,

Name your breadcrumbs: how to respond to Google’s mobile search results overhaul

Google’s recent changes to the presentation of mobile search results have implications for all brand owners. By Vincent D’Angelo, Director, Global Brand Advisors

If you’re going to California…

This year’s INTA Annual Meeting is being held in San Diego on May 2-6 and CSC Digital Brand Services will be there throughout. If you’re one of the 9,500+ trademark professionals visiting INTA, be sure to visit booth #1719 where

The .sucks conundrum

By Gretchen M. Olive, Director Policy & Industry Affairs, CSC Digital Brand Services The Vox Populi Registry officially launched the .sucks gTLD on Monday, March 30, 2015. Brand owners have long dreaded this launch because “sucks” domains present special public

Why the Sunrise B phase of .porn and .adult should be on every brand owner’s radar

ICM Registry, the registry that brought us .xxx, is currently launching two of its three new gTLDs: .porn and .adult. While many brand owners would prefer not to spend more securing additional TMCH filings at this point, CSC recommends they

New gTLD Utilization Report March 2015

By Vincent D’Angelo. CSC’s latest New gTLD Utilization Report shows intriguing evolution in this space. There’s yet further evidence that terms to the left of the dot in .brand domains could be powerful ranking signals for search engines. And we’ve

Webinar Replay: Better domain strategies for IT, marketing, and legal departments

If you missed our recent webinar on domain strategies, it is now available for replay. Given all the changes taking place in the online space, it’s easy to forget how critical domain names remain to promoting and protecting your business.

Webinar Replay: Key insights from ICANN 52

CSC’s Gretchen Olive recently shared her insights from the ICANN 52 meeting in Singapore. If you missed the live webinar, it is now available for replay. 

Take precautions to protect your reputation this Valentine’s Day

As the first big gifting day of the New Year approaches, brands have every reason to be on their guard. Valentine’s Day is but a heartbeat away. It’s another point in the gifting calendar that retailers, hotels and restaurants love.

How to strengthen the core of your digital brand

Domains are at the core of your digital brand. But as the digital economy develops and corporate portfolios grow more bloated, it becomes harder to register, protect and maintain the right domains. Online access is practically universal in developed countries