Heard the .news?

The .news gTLD will be offered through General Availability in just six days. Media and content organizations should move fast to secure their brands. Launched by Rightside Registry, .news is a potentially interesting opportunity for news, media, and content organizations

WEBINAR: Direct from Buenos Aires – The inside story on the ICANN 53 meeting

Fresh from her visit to this week’s ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires, CSC’s Gretchen Olive will share her insights during an exclusive webinar on July 2.

.online goes online

It’s one of the most ubiquitous words anywhere in the world today—and now it’s getting its own domain name as part of ICANN’s New gTLD program. June 18 marked the beginning of the .online Sunrise phase, and it is likely

Runningoutofmoviedomains.com? Dot movie could be the answer

By Vincent D’Angelo Great movies are unforgettable. But who remembers their domain names? So many words and phrases are now registered that producers are forced to use ugly, hyphenated names, or subdomains. That’s all about to change with the launch

Banking on confidence for new financial services gTLD

The .bank gTLD will move from the Sunrise phase to general availability on June 24. This new gTLD, focused on security, already seems to be attracting many banks; there have been over 500 Sunrise applications, according to the registry—a strong

Two-Factor Authentication Protects Your Digital Assets

Cybercriminals are more innovative and rampant than ever before. Multiple threats crop up daily in almost every industry. Online targets include web domains, social media sites, banking sites, and more. The website Information is Beautiful has illustrated the nature and

CSC’s New gTLD Utilization Report – May 2015

by Vincent D’Angelo. Our New gTLD Utilization Report for May reveals that there have now been over 1,300 registrations under .brand (and closed) top-level domains. This is an increase of over 60% since our March report, suggesting .brand activity is

Best practices for creating a domain name policy

Join the growing ranks of organizations that are in full control of their domains. CSC’s best-practice guide for creating a successful domain name policy can help you secure, promote and protect your digital brands. With a written domain name policy,

Name your breadcrumbs: how to respond to Google’s mobile search results overhaul

Google’s recent changes to the presentation of mobile search results have implications for all brand owners. By Vincent D’Angelo, Director, Global Brand Advisors

If you’re going to California…

This year’s INTA Annual Meeting is being held in San Diego on May 2-6 and CSC Digital Brand Services will be there throughout. If you’re one of the 9,500+ trademark professionals visiting INTA, be sure to visit booth #1719 where